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News Updated 9/15/16

9/15/16 - The Buffalo Southern will be hosting the Buffalo, Cattaraugus & Jamestown Scenic Railway. The first scheduled excursion will be on Sunday, September 18. It will depart from the Hamburg station at 11:00. We also welcome the Erie-Lackawanna Historical Society to western New York! This excursion is for their convention, but the remaining seats will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note: This is NOT AN EXCURSION THAT THE BSOR IS ORGANIZING. Tickets are not available through the BSOR, please do not call our offices for information or reservations. Visit them on Facebook for details. Buffalo Cattaraugus & Jamestown Scenic Railway. Events for the BC&J are operated by the BSOR on a contract basis.

7/31/16 - Strates Fair Train Update - Strates current show ends on 7/31/16. It is expected to be reloaded beginning on Monday, August 1st at Middletown, NY. After loading and inspection by the railroad it will begin it's journey back to the NYSW and NS through Binghamton. As it leaves Middletown, it usually only moves at night after the commuter traffic. It is anticipated that it will arrive in Hamburg after Wednesday the 3rd, and more likely Thursday or Friday. For more up to date information, see the Erie County Fair's Facebook page as it will be update more frequently!

7/30/16 - BSOR Mechanical crews loaned the WNYRHS a set of batteries and a locomotive to start the Buffalo Creek #43 at Hamburg. This 1940 Alco is the oldest one online and has been stored since around 2000. Here is a short video of the locomotive idling on it's own for the first time. 

-> <-

Summer 2016 - BSOR crews will be working at various crossings to upgrade existing crossing protection lights to LED type. This is both for the energy savings as well as better visibility to alert motorists of approaching trains and on track movements.

7/22/16 - BSOR Crews finished install of the new crossing surface on Route 62, Gowanda, by the correctional facility. The next crossing surface to be replaced will be Sowles Road in Hamburg. There are no dates set at this point, notice will be posted before work commences.

The Buffalo, Cattaraugus and Jamestown Scenic Railway has brought in two additional coaches for possible excursion service. These are both former Long Island Ping Pong cars that saw service on the Knox and Kane Railroad as well as the Ashtabula, Carson and Jefferson. Stay tuned for dates for possible train rides to be operated with co-operation of the BC&J and Buffalo Southern Railroad.

10/9/15 - ** ** ATTENTION VILLAGE OF HAMBURG - Pleasant Avenue Crossing will be closed on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th for crossing replacement beginning at 7 AM. Signs will be posted. It is hoped to have the new crossing in place by Tuesday evening.

10/8/15 - Here is a short video of rail welding ->

This was in preparation for Pleasant Avenue crossing replacement and other rail maintenance.

8/28/15 - Shop Mechanic Ed Rost Retired. Thanks to Ed for the years of service, knowledge and entertainment! He will be missed.

8/28/15 - Shop Report - Track equipment is shaping up fine. Tie Crane is painted and ready for service. Badger has begun ditch cleaning. Tie Inserter received some needed safety improvements. Tamper is in for repairs.

Locomotive 4212 was started for the first time on Friday. After extensive block work, including an oil cooler, eddy current clutch coupling replacement, replacement of heads and fuel injection equipment. More work is still needed. See the start up here ->

Summer 2015 - Strates Shows will visit the BSOR in August for the Erie County Fair. After the fair the train will be loaded for a new show in Vermont.

Laing Gro Fertilizer has construction well underway for their new storage facility. It looks to be the tallest structure in Eden!

3/31/15 - Updated News, Fixed Many broken Links, Roster Pages added, New Freight Tariff in effect, Updated Photo Pages and Fair Train Page

February 2015 - BSOR Customer Laing Gro has suffered a roof collapse. They have torn down the structure and will commence rebuilding once the weather breaks. A new auger system and elevator was installed in the fall, prior to the collapse.

Winter 2014/15 - Beginning with the November Storm, winter has visited with a fury (or lots of flurries). The Jordan Spreader has seen a lot of use this season. Service has not been disrupted. Click here for a video of the November storm clean up.

Fall 2014 - The BSOR has added to it's track maintenance fleet with several new purchases from the NS surplus auctions. Locomotive 4212 is in the shop and has under gone fan drive repair, oil cooler leak repair and is currently under evaluation.

July 2014 - The BSOR has purchased the ex ConAgra 45 Ton Locomotive and moved it to our Dunlop Tire Location for operation along with 45 Tonner #30. It remains painted red and will be numbered #31. See a video of it here.

January 2012 - The BSOR has installed two Power Drives DWS-120 warming systems through a grant from NYSERDA. The warming units are installed on S2 #100 and S4 #93 used in lease operations.

8/10/09 - Severe Flooding has hit the Gowanda Area. Massive amounts of rain over a short period have created hazardous conditions in and around the southern tip of the BSOR as well as along the NYLE. Several wash outs are present and the extent of the damage is still being surveyed. All traffic is embargoed south of Mile Post 23 until further notice.

8/9/09 - Strates Show Train is in and unloaded for the 2009 Erie County Fair. The train will reload on August 24th for the trip to the NY State Fair at Syracuse.

For more information about the fair, visit the Erie County Fair on the web.

For Strates Train schedules later in the year, visit

7/09 - Shop Report - Engine 5010 has received several new lower liner seats to correct minor water leaks and is expected to return to full service in time for the Fair Train.

10/19/08 - The web site was moved to a new domain. Please update all of your links to the new site:

8/08 - The BSOR announces that a new switching contract has been started with Buffalo Lake Port. This new company purchased the Lake & Rail Elevator (formerly ConAgra) to store and handle wheat shipments. See the Buffalo News Article for more info on the company. The BSOR will operate the yard for the elevator as needed.

11/07 - 2010 suffered wheel damage in transport and then was vanadalized to steal copper cabling from under the locomotive. Repairs are being considered.

5/1/07 - Locomotive 2010 has returned to Gateway Metroport for another summer of transfer service. 1847 is undergoing turbo repairs.
5/1/07 - The BSOR announces that relationships with the Croton Transfer facility have ended. Many factors aided in this decision, no customers of the BSOR will be affected.
1/1/07 - The Riefler Concrete Site has been purchased and is now being operated under the name Great Lakes Concrete Products. The BSOR utilized this new company to pour a remaining portion of the shop floor. This new enterprise makes a welcome addition to the BSOR Customer List. Great Lakes operations include ready mix concrete and cinder block production with potential for future rail shipments.
5/17/06 - The BSOR is offering common carrier transportation services at its transload facility in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, serving Westchester County and New York City Markets. The BSOR's services include complete loading and unloading for most commodity and car types; switching, storing and repair of rail cars; and track inspection services. The commodity types transloaded at the BSOR Croton facility include, among other things, aggregates, lumber, metals and concrete construction products.
Featured on site are electronic scales for rail and truck, an enclosed structure for transload of dusty materials and other loading equipment. The site is located on the Metro North line along the Hudson River, a short distance from major interstate highways and New York City. Rail car switching is being provided on site by the BSOR and interchanged to the national rail network via CSX.
5/1/06 - Locomotive 2010 was delivered to Gateway Metroport in place of locomotive 93. Loading operations have commenced for the shipping season. Once repairs are completed on 93, 2010 will return to Hamburg and 93 will assume her normal duties.
3/19/06 - The BSOR announces intention to sell surplus equipment. Listings have been placed on the Railswap.Org website. Items up for sale include Fairmont Tie Shear Parts, Natural Gas Shop Heaters and Miscellaneous EMD Locomotive Parts. Contact Pat Connors for more details.
3/17/06 - BSOR Shop Report - 423 was placed back into storage. Internal block inspection found minor rust damage inside of the block. It is felt that repairs can be made at a later date and attempts made to fire the block. No time frame is given. Engine 93 (S4) is in the shop for water system repairs and routine maintenance to prepare it for the up coming loading season. Once it is completed it is planned to return 93 to Gateway Metroport.
A slide table was constructed over the winter months to aid in wheel and traction motor work. The concrete work was completed in the fall with the steel table and track replaced over the last couple of months. The first engine rolled over the new construction this week. Engine 2010 is slated for wheel replacement with the use of the new table some time in the near future.
3/8/06 - RIEFLER CONCRETE CLOSES - As has been reported by several local news sources Riefler Concrete Products has closed it's doors, laying off hundreds of workers. This unfortunate news comes as a surprise to many, including the BSOR. Nothing outside of what has been reported is known by the BSOR. This will no doubt mean a minor drop in car counts. It is hoped that Riefler's is able to either reorganize or be sold to another producer that will utilize Riefler's many assets. The Hamburg Plant has a DOT approved transload and storage facility as well as multiple other rail unloading facilities on site. The BSOR Enginehouse remains unaffected by this closure at this time. NOTE HOWEVER THAT ALL VISITORS AND DELIVERIES will now need to call ahead for access onto the property.
1/1/06 - Locomotive 423 is in the shop for evaluation of possible return to service. This locomotive has been in storage since it's arrival from Omaha in 1998. Work to be performed include air updates, main generator cleaning and reassembly, prelubing and internal block inspection and water system inspection. An assessment will be made for feasibility to return this C415 to service. It was learned recently that the two ex-Spokane, Portland and Seattle C415s (#4010 and 4011) used by the Ohio River Terminal in Huntington, West Virginia have been cut up for scrap. The BSOR's 415 is now one of only 7 remaining in the US.
3/19/04 - Engine 4241 arrived safely in Cleveland on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Best of luck to their maintenance department with restoration.
12/17/03 - The BSOR has sold ex Q&G #4241 to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Crews from the CVSR have prepared the locomotive for shipping. The unit will be shipped early in 2004. It is hoped that the unit can be restored to operating condition and we look forward to seeing the unit return to service.
12/15/03 - Contractors are to begin work on installing 5000 ties to upgrade the mainline between Hamburg and North Collins.
8/31/03 - The BSOR anticipates additional new business this fall. BSOR crews continue construction of a siding for Crescent Manufacturing at North Collins. The ex-Agway Fertilizer plant is undergoing repairs to be utilized as a bulk feed storage and transload facility.
8/21/03 - Niagara Energy LLC (Renaldo's) unloaded their first two tank cars at the new facility in North Collins. All 5 storage tanks were purged. Construction at the plant is on going and should be completed in the early fall. The BSOR crews worked hard to complete construction of two new tracks at the facility. Hazmat Training, Firemen Response and Handling Classes will be on going through the fall.

8/19/03 - Many thanks to the BSOR Employees, Strates Employees, NS and CSX. The train was loaded before dark and was on it's way to Syracuse at around 5 a.m. on the 19th! See you all next year.

For more information about the fair, visit the Erie County Fair on the web.
For Strates Train schedules later in the year, visit

AVAILABLE SITES - The BSOR's Blasdell site is currently available for development and gives the BSOR added storage space for potential new customers. The site is available for transloading, car storage, car repair or many other uses. The BSOR is conveniently located with direct rail connections to all Class 1 railroads that access Buffalo, NY. The site is cleared with ample storage space and has electrical power readily available. It is located in the Village of Blasdell only a 1/2 mile from US Route 5 and 1 mile from Interstate 90. Interested parties are encouraged to call for more information. Further development on site is available. Contact Buffalo Southern Railroad