Fair Train
The James E Strates Fair Train visits the Buffalo Southern each year during August. Its arrival signals the end of Summer and the beginning of the Erie County Fair and Expo. For many, the train's arrival is a big part of the show and a tradition.

This train is the last remaining Carnival Show to travel by rail in the United States!

The BSOR prides itself on providing excellent service to the States Shows and all of it's customers.
2014 Arrival

With Buffalo's Central Terminal in the background, the JES Train arrives in Buffalo with CSX power on the head end. (CSX 5855 B36-7, CR 4448 GP40-2)

at MP 436.2 on 8/2/01
Photo by Michael Connors

Seen here are C420 #2010 and RS-11 #5010 starting the pull up the hill from Blasdell with the Strates Train.

This view show how the Hamburg Yard is set up during the Fair Train's stay. The unloading ramp stays put from start to finish. Cuts of 10 cars at a time are spotted for loading or unloading.

This area is very active and congested while the fair is set up and torn down.

The BSOR prides itself on providing the best possible service to JES during their visit. While this is the peak of activity during August of every year, quick and efficient service ensures that the show can move on to the next show on time.

To load or unload the rides and equipment, the ramps between the flat cars are dropped. This allows equipment to be driven from car to car and off of the train.

The train can be unloaded on any siding where space is available. The JES Train travels the east coast performing many shows per year.

Once ten cars are spotted, JES crews begin the process of removing bindings on the equipment. Each pieces is then driven off or pulled off with a tractor. Each string can take several hours to unload.

Upon reloading, everything must be chained down and secured for the next journey.

Strates Crews work hard to assemble and disassemble all of the rides you love for each and every show. It is hard to imagine how much work goes into making this traveling show possible. This show is truly an important piece of American History. The Buffalo Southern Railroad is proud to host the Strates Train every year!

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PLEASE NOTE: The Buffalo Southern requests that those wishing to view the train and loading or unloading operations, please do so from a safe distance. The properties the train travels on and around are private, please do not trespass and stay plenty clear of the tracks for everyone's safety.
Trains can not steer off of the tracks. Stay off of all railroad tracks and expect movement on tracks at any time. Rusty rails do not mean tracks are inactive! 
The BSOR Management would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in these matters. DO NOT PARK ON SCOTT STREET as this area is needed for staging of the Strates Equipment, Emergency Vehicles and Railroad Movements. Thank you!