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Yellow Eye, GEALCO

General Information:
Mainline 32 Miles in Length - Buffalo to Gowanda, NY - (Interchange with
New York and Lake Erie that continues line to the south);
Yard Switching - Dunlop Tire (Off of Kenmore Yard, Tonawanda, NY)

What are your rates?
The Buffalo Southern is a Reciprocal Switching Line. Waybill delivery information should state Delivery by BSOR for best rates.
[click here for downloadable rate information]

When do you operate?
Trains are operated as needed. Typically several times per week. Customers demands set operational schedules.

What do you transport?
Grains (Feed), Fertilizer, Propane, Lumber, Scrap Metals, Cement, Aggregates, Paper, Brick

What kinds of facilities & services do you offer?
On Time/On Site Deliveries, Locomotive Leasing, Plant Switching, Team Tracks (Car Storage and Unloading Sites, Under Track Screw Auger and Loading Docks Available), Radial Stacker and Tipple Unloading, 2 Wyes (Car Turning), 2 Bay Locomotive/Car Shop, Connections with all major Railroads in Buffalo, Blasdell Site and other commercial sites available for developed to suit needs,

Call for more details for your service needs.
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